Things to Pack for the Beach Getaway

Pack skin care essentials - make sure that you bring a lot of sun and insect protection, lotion, lip back, hair protector or leave in conditioner as well as sunglasses. Go for a broad spectrum sunscreen of 15 SPF or even higher. Be sure to adhere to the instructions stated in the sunscreen bottle for lengthened sun exposure. On the whole, be sure to apply the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you expose yourself ot the heat of the sun, then reapply the same amount after 2 hours. Bigger and wider sunglasses will give your eye a better protection. In addition, leave your expensive pair of sunglasses at home in order for them not to get sandy, crushed or even washed away by the waves by accident. Pack the skin care as well as hygiene products inside a plastic bag in the event that they burst or crack. More info can be found below so be sure to check it out!

Pack the needed clothing - for spending a day at the beach, it is vital that you bring a hat that has a wide brim, a clean clothes, bathing suit or any swimwear of your choice, hair brush, hair bands and clips as well as flip flops. Be sure to roll up your clean clothes and place them near the bottom of your bag together with your towel. You may also want to pack a comfortable light jacket or sweatshirt as well depending on the weather. In addition, you can bring addition swimwear that you can change if you plan to stay in a swimsuit as well as stay dry.

Pack adequate water - the average person would require 8 full glasses of water every single day as recommended by the healthcare professionals. Keep in mind that if you are laying out under the heat of the sun, then your body would need more water. A great tip is that you can choose to bring a gallon of water with you or at least one bottled water per person. Utilize the reusable water bottles in order to decrease the costs and wastes. In addition, you can fill the bottle about halfway with water and place it on the freezer overnight, in this manner, you will have a cold drink each time you will pour some water on the bottle with ice. Consider utilizing a water bottle that has a filter if you are planning to refill it in the water fountain. Visit this site to know more and get started. 

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